Read such others Whatsapp messages, nobody knows will run

By | September 8, 2018

By adopting these tricks you can read whatsapp messages and nobody will know.
New Delhi: Instant Messaging App Whatsapp is used by many people around the world. About 200 million people use this app in India. There are several such features in this app, which you probably do not know. Someone like to read whatsapp mags and does not even know about it. Most people want to read the messages of others but the other person does not know about this.

There is such a feature in whatsapp, with the help of which you can read messages sent to another and they will not even know. For this, you have to follow some easy steps. You only have to make some changes to your privacy settings.
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This is the way

Step 1- Go to Whatsapp settings
Step-2 – Click on account option
Step 3 – Click Privacy
Step 4- Turn off read receipts (remove tick mark)

After this you can read messages sent to anyone and the other person will not even know. Actually, when reading someone’s WhatsApp message, the mark of the double tick becomes blue. After reading the reed receipts, there will be no blue marks even after reading the message.
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With this help you can increase the message of someone and he will not know. However, it works just like the feature’s last scene. After reading the reed receipts you will not even know if the other person has read your messages or not.
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