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  1. Joyful !life, sharing life with people.
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  3. Ama!zing life, a joyful journey.
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  6. The def!eat of the mind is the defeat of self.
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  8. Life’s difficu!lties is a test of how much we can endure. Find inner strength,courage and hope to overcome the test of life.
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  10. Forgive yourself!.Life still hold a new chance to become a better person.
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  12. Life is full of unex!pected. May God grant us the grace, courage and hope to endure the unexpected circumstances.
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  14. The difficulties of life! should not distract you from the pursuit of your goals. Graciously pursue your goals.
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  16. We all make mistakes, ev!erybody should be given a second-chance.
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  18. The journey of life is fille!d with unlimited opportunities and possibilities.
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  20. Forgiveness is a highly yi!elding tool for success. The ROI in it never drops.
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  22. Life is great with posit!ive outlook on life.
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  24. Life lessons are well!-learned through trails.
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  26. Love life, live y!our best life.
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  28. Life is defined b!y time and seasons.
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  30. Life is must be fill!ed with endless hope.

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  32. Life is defined! by time, appreciate the beauty of time.
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  34. Live to the fullest, !with no regrets in your heart.
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  36. The mentors in my life, in!spired me to fulfill my highest potential.
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  38. Time is life. Time for b!rth, time for death.
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  40. The toughest journey! is a spiritual journey.
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  42. Men wouldn’t lie that mu!ch to the women in their life, if the women don’t ask so many questions.
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  44. It doesn’t take a lot! of strength to hang on, it takes a lot of strength to let go.
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  46. Life is all about ” yes “. j!ust add to ur attitude, u’ll feel d positive change in ur life..
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  48. Delete unwanted memo!ries and create more precious memories to enjoy your Life.
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  50. When people come togeth!er and discuss their differences based on life issues that are shared, it brings about successful changes.
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  52. You can say it too littl!e, but you can never say, Thank You, too many times.
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  54. Life is filled with end!less opportunities. You must search for the opportunities. Seize every opportunity and make it great.
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  56. If you let all the bad thing in life stop you; You will never be there to see the good things in life.
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  58. The greatest Challenge in life is dicovering Who you are, The second greatest is being happy with what you find..
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  60. Life is uncertain. Lo!rd grant us gracious courage to face the uncertainty of life.
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  62. Learn to handle books, yo!u will learn how to enjoy life.
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  64. God is the source of life. L!ife without God is hopeless. But life with God is an endless hope.
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  66. The vanities of life:pleasure, po!ssession, position and power.
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  68. Celebrate your life, this is your only life.
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  70. You will only fail to learn if you do not learn from failing.
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  72. God always has a plan for you, before you even have a plan for yourself.
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  74. We never know our good or b!d as we loose our judgement living with them.worst part is we don’t accept who we are & hence rem!ain confused for the rest of our life.
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  76. Your life is define by you. P!ay no attention to what others says. Pay attention to yourself.
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  78. Love, even when pledged, isn’t enough.
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  80. The most powerful and strongest part in your body is your ‘brain’. It can fetch u anything.. Use it and Use it wisely.
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  82. You cannot win everyday, but make sure u win, at-least once in a while.
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  84. There are valuable lessons t!o be learnt in every stage of life.
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  86. The heart stays heavy if it remains in a state of unforgiveness.
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  88. sometimes we need the wor!!ld and all the people on her to abandon us so we can turn to the One who will never leave us stranded.
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  90. Life teaches what no organization can.
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  92. Love life, love who you are!!!
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  94. Be careful of !what we say or do on this earth as every word and every action has a return.
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  96. Some people aim at nothing in life and hit it with amazing accuracy.
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  98. There appears to be value in getting past a mentality that good things only rest in good things.
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  100. Every war is the war for whoever’s lived through it.
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  102. Hold onto the good things in life. Because if you don’t, they’re no longer yours.
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  104. We live for Life, so enjoy it.
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  106. Life’s contentment is lik!e an abstract edifice with a domed ceiling of insanity
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  108. A problem is really just a soluti!on in need of a reason to exist. If you think about it, life would be kind of boring if it were completely free of friction.
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  110. To promise is to grant the !future, it’s a lie waiting to happen.

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  112. Life can give us many beautiful person but only one is enough to make it beautiful
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  114. You cannot change anything if you cannot change your thoughts.
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  116. Tears are the words that the hea!rt could not express, silent truths the eyes do confess.
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  118. When it is time for a season t!o change, the imperfections of life are most visible.
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  120. Other people are usually wrong.
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  122. If you live life so cauti!ously as to never fail, you end up failing at life itself.
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  124. Birthday is special day !of one’s life.
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  126. Never trust a man who canno!t laugh at himself.
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  128. You have it on your noise, but you still need a glass to see it… We need others to admit our faults.
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  130. Learn to love and broke man to marry a good man.
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  132. Life is a breath.
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  134. Life is an act at a given moment.
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  136. Feelings make our life am!azing, how is for everyone different!
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  138. Everyone of us has tha!t moment in our life, when you wanted to say NO but say YES even when you know it’s not going in your favor.
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  140. Only the mediocre are al!ways at their best.
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  142. To find your way you must first take the steps.
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  144. Life’s challenges are opportunities for personal growth.
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  146. We must live life and treasure every moment on earth.
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  148. Most men take more out of life than they give to it. A few give more to life than they take out of it. The world runs because of such men.
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  150. Dreams and freedom are the same. In order for them to be, they come with a price.

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  152. Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.
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  154. Do what you love and love what you do, with excellence.
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  156. Till such time that there are strong! men in this world, a woman would prefer strong coffee!
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  158. Women don’t want the!ir men to bring them the moon and the stars,
  159. they only want them to want to do it.
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  161. Life was simpler when we thought no one cares about what we think.
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  163. A thinking man can ne!ver be brave.
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  165. The moment one is satisfied w!ith themselves is the moment we no longer grow.
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  167. Learning means bringing forth! the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual knowledge, skills and values, that are already within us.
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  169. If you want to match your beat with the universe look at the deepest level of present.
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  171. To satisfy a want or a need, you must first go for it.
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  173. We do not fear death. We fear not having lived enough.
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  175. Then the Warrior realizes that th!ese repeated experiences have but one aim: to teach him what he does not want to learn.
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  177. If you are unsatisfied wi!th what you did today, it’s time to change the way you live.
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  179. History didn’t always predict the future. You had to live it one day at a time to find out what happened next.
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  181. One of the best confide!nce builder is experience.
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  183. Better be a desperate !single with many options than a desperate married with no option.
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  185. There are so many torturous thin!gs in this life. Don’t let a man who doesn’t love you be one of them.
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  187. Happiness comes in many forms. Whether through a passion for something or someone, it makes no difference. The results are the same: you live.
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  189. Past behaviours are a good indicator of someones present intentions..
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  191. The absence of dissent does not necessarily imply acceptance; just tolerance.
  192. Lakshmy Menon ChatterjeeGod’s plan for your life is far beyond the imagination of men.
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  194. Life is full of tests. They are not multiple choice. There is only one answer: Love.
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  196. Knowledge is the best economy we can have.
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  198. It is appointed for man to die once, Live life to the fullness.
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  200. Thinking is easy, acti!ng difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into actions the most difficult thing in the world.
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  202. Some people won’t love y!ou, no matter what you do. Some people won’t STOP loving you, no matter what you do. Go where the love is.
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  204. Live today. You never know when tomorrow will be a day too late.
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  206. Life is short. Jingle your bells.
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  208. Life is about balance. It’s not about forgetting the bad times or escaping them. It’s about creating enough good times to outweigh the bad.
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  210. The best plan you’ll ever have is to just go ahead and do it.
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  212. Life can be hard, but the!n we make it even harder by the way we look at it.”
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  214. Nothing in life is easy, !even Santa comes with a clause.
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  216. Keep taking new paths.
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  218. Life is also an e!!xam but there is no provision for reappearing.
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  220. Fear isn’t a bad travel companion. Sometimes, it saves your life.
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  222. In this world there is right and society’s expectations, it is wise to do what is right society changes as culture changes.
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  224. Sometimes destiny switches the cards on you so that while you’re busy escaping from the dog, you find yourself facing the wolf.
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  226. Let truth be the most important chapter of the book entitled “Life”.
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  228. Path of light, path of life.
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  230. To photograph people is to obligate them in some way to face things they weren’t expecting to.

  231. ==================================

  232. People will forget what you !!said, but no one will ever forget how you made them to feel.
  233. =================!=================

  234. You only have one!! life to live. Make sure it’s yours.
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  236. Everything we want is outsid!e of our comfort zone and other side is fear.
  237. ================!!==================
  238. Nothing has meaning, only th!e meaning you give it.
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  240. Integrity is simply doing the right!! thing because it is the right thing to do…not the easiest path, but the right one.
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  242. Only can talk to unique minds. The ones that can’t be defined. Always quiet, but possess words that can shock mind.
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  244. The world is full of grief and no peace but every body has a different way of ending it.

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  246. Facing the world full of confidence is sometimes out of your league particularly if you have come up against or been compromised by adversity in some form.
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  248. When you weep and la!!ment, you will struggle to achieve and rejoice.
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  250. If you possess t!!he basic necessities in life, there is absolutely no reason to feel any sorrows. For there is someone praying that they co!!uld have your spot.
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  252. Believe in things impossib!!le, love the magic of a place, mystery in a person, passion in a relationship and seek adventures in life.. !Live the life don’t go through it.
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  254. Next to God, Family is the best thing.
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  256. When success is your only option, positivity has to be your only choice.”
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  258. Never take life to seriously, its only borrowed.
  259. ==================================

  260. If thinking straight is so easy, why is it that it drives us all around the bend trying to..
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  262. Without judgments life loses its hierarchical quality of being a choice between preferences and by losing that, it loses it’s savor.
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  264. Be Positive in Life and all Colors will Find You.
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  266. Every stage of life has its own challenges. Be grateful for each stage.
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  268. There are great !lessons to be l!!earnt in every trail. Look for the gold in every encounter.”

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  270. In all honesty, it’s just time for m!!e to move on with my life. Lord knows he moved on with his, Rala replied.
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  272. You have to deal with who!! you are and you have to figure out how to live with it.
  273. ==================================
  274. Life changed you, and the people you th!ought you could not stand suddenly made sense to you.
  275. ==================================

  276. Be brave. Be bold. Don’t wait for change. Seize your own life and make it.
  277. ==================================

  278. You Life is a progress, and not a station.
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  280. Without Action there Will Not be many Chances or changes in our life.
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  282. When you start loving yourself, others around you will also start loving you.
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  284. If you make lots of little changes to your lifestyle, you’ll need to make time to have some fun too, otherwise life can get a little boring.
  285. ==================================

  286. The art of life is to live in our Ow!n Imagination.
  287. ==================================

  288. Look for the failures in your succ!esses and the successes in your failures.
  289. ==================================

  290. Don’t make excuses. Make co!mmitments and stick to them.
  291. ==================================

  292. A life is a terrible thing to waste. Reach your potential. Thrive.
  293. ==================================

  294. If you have to cut corners to! get it, without allowing yourself go through the process, you will not be able to keep it.
  295. ==================================

  296. Life is Imperfect, God created us to try to make it perfect.
  297. ==================================

  298. You can’t move beyond your past if you keep talking about it like it’s your present.
  299. ==================================

  300. Life is a passing moment.
  301. ==================================

  302. Life and death are like two l!ocked caskets, each of which contains the key to the other.
  303. ==================================

  304. Sometimes our fanta!sies are better than our realities.
  305. ==================================

  306. Think about it!, if we fed our passion the way we fed our fears, we would be achieving our dreams and making the most of our !years.
  307. ==================================

  308. If people are talking behind your back, then just fart.

  309. ==================================

  310. Coincidence is !not just only a road to facts but also a call to ponder.
  311. ==================================

  312. Great goals are never scored by not kicking the ball.
  313. ==================================

  314. The greatest loss is the loss of life.
  315. ==================================

  316. The more optimistic you can be the more resilient you will be to whatever challenges life throws at you.
  317. ==================================

  318. If there is reluctantly obstruction in our life then don’t be amused life is itself immense lesson therefore learn from lesson.
  319. ==================================

  320. You hate it or love it; Life goes !ON in its flow despite your best efforts to change it.
  321. ==================================

  322. Enduring the times.
  323. ==================================

  324. Every one will disa!ppoint you at least once. Once you accept that you’ll be a happier person.
  325. ==================================

  326. The perfect song neither ends n!or begins. It is always playing. Remember to stop and listen.
  327. ==================================

  328. Time is our biggest asset..We can! count the minutes or make the minutes count..
  329. ==================================

  330. The only way to predict the future is to create it.
  331. ==================================

  332. In life, you don’t lose;you learn.
  333. ==================================
  334. Forging fake smiles to hide painful truths doesn’t take away the hurt, but sometimes safeguards our emotions from those adamant not to understand.
  335. ==================================

  336. We don’t really need great amounts of anything. We just need a little of something great.
  337. ==================================

  338. Love is a senti!ment precipitated by an illusionary excitement which seldom fades away leaving the victims in utter hope and distracti!on to love and be loved in return.
  339. ==================================

  340. Life is one big lesson, you learn as you go.
  341. ==================================

  342. Learn to ap!preciate ever!y moment of your life, stop thinking of the future too much, you have a choice to make a difference in your life at! any time you wish.
  343. ==================================

  344. Life is a chess play. You have to learn the rules of the game to win the scores rights.
  345. ==================================

  346. Sometimes life may look complicated than it is, but you’ll have to play it just the way it is and make it proper, the way you would wish it to be in your own words.
  347. ==================================
  348. In every life, there is always a journey that is unforgettable and a path that can never be traced.

  349. ==================================

  350. It is by your own that you have to learn a lesson and they by themselves so that they will blame you not.
  351. ==================================
  352. In the midst of our lives we must find the One who tends to our scars, mends our hearts, and heals our souls.
  353. ==================================

  354. Life is a !test of courage, It’s only worth if you can learn to withstand your most trying times and remain stable, steady, simple and stro!ng in different places and spaces.
  355. ==================================

  356. In life; good behavior is more worthy much money.
  357. ==================================

  358. Life can be toug!h at times, but each time you fall, is another lesson to learn from.
  359. ==================================

  360. Live your life to full in this moment which is slipping! quickly before your time is gone.
  361. ==================================

  362. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!
  363. ==================================

  364. If we have touched another’s life with our action and through our words then we have lived.
  365. ==================================

  366. Life has taught me to release my ears from hearing negativity, destructive remarks, false rumors and stupid ways. I learn to open my eyes and my mind to think ahead of my life, to learn more of who I am.
  367. ==================================

  368. People today are quick to! bite the hand that fed them yesterday, turn around and cry hungry tomorrow.
  369. ==================================

  370. Love heals, love seals, it drains out the wor!ld and leaves you with peace.
  371. ==================================

  372. The end is decided only by means.
  373. ==================================

  374. To stop being a victi!m, you have to stop thinking like a victim.
  375. ==================================

  376. In dark moments of our existe!nce; Life teaches us prudence.
  377. ==================================

  378. Fear is the negative emotion that brings every traceable hardship into our life. Only Love can free us from fear.
  379. ==================================

  380. Never test good people because they are like diamonds. when you hit them, they will not break but they will only slip away from your life.
  381. ==================================

  382. Life will alw!ays get busy, make time to do the things you love.
  383. ==================================

  384. People talking a!bout you doesn’t matter when you are in coffin, its only matter to you when you are alive to hear them.
  385. ==================================

  386. Other people’s lives seem better than yours! because you’re comparing their director’s cuts with your behind the scenes.
  387. ==================================

  388. World with vario!us situations has various relations,don’t give conclusions with your perception.

  389. ==================================

  390. Challenges bring opportunity for growth.
  391. ==================================

  392. Give a reason for your existence and make a life out of it.
  393. ==================================

  394. Life happens because of choices we make, if you want a better outcome; think before you create.
  395. ==================================

  396. Time is much more valuable than money.
  397. ==================================

  398. It’s not in the life, it’s in the living.
  399. ==================================

  400. Gossip is the sound of jealously.
  401. ==================================

  402. You never get anywh!ere until you figure out the difference between passion and compassion.
  403. ===============!===================

  404. If at first you don’t succeed, failu!re may be your style.
  405. ==================================

  406. Life is strictly coded with ha!ppiness & sorrow, We can’t make it work properly without one.
  407. ==================================

  408. Fight your fear!s with fierce and your life becomes fabulous.
  409. ==================================

  410. The gift of the moment!s and its lessons prepares us for a better tomorrow.
  411. ==================================
  412. Life is short. Clarifying your purpose may be the biggest time-saver in your life’s work.
  413. ==================================

  414. Life can be a beautiful journey if you accept who you are and accept the people around you for what they are.
  415. ==================================

  416. Life is like a rushing river. If we fight the current we are drawn under and drown in emotion.
  417. ==================================

  418. Life is much more than money.
  419. ==================================

  420. The day of birth is day of life.
  421. ==================================

  422. Always doubtful is the one who always looks for certainty.
  423. ==================================

  424. Work for what you want, the pursuit of life.
  425. ==================================

  426. The gift o!f life, gives you the greatest opportunity to live and chance to rise above any situation. With hopeful attitude you can overco!me any struggle.
  427. ==================================

  428. The three pillars of l!ife;faith, hope and love.

  429. ==================================

  430. We’re teaching !the wrong things. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it. Create your own.
  431. ==================================

  432. Best way to clear the air is to have it all out in the open.
  433. ==================================

  434. Life is not trying to entertain us, it’s trying to teach us.
  435. ==================================

  436. Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will. But then again, if you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.
  437. ==================================

  438. You will give to those whom don’t appreciate you, until you’ve had enough of accepting less than you deserve.
  439. ==================================

  440. If you want to be alive – invent yourself every moment.
  441. ==================================
  442. Psychology of a woman! depends on circumstances by which she is treating under care and love.
  443. ==================================

  444. The circumstances surrounding !your birth are not as important as the opportunity to live life.
  445. ==================================
  446. When people say “you’ve changed”, what they actually mean is that they don’t like the fact at all that you’ve stopp!ed tolerating their bullshit.
  447. ==================================

  448. All great people had critics but they stay believe in the beauty of their dreams, fully persuaded to stay focused and determined for the realization of their dreams.
  449. ==================================

  450. Nothing in life is a foregone conclusion unless and until it is foregone and concluded
  451. ==================================

  452. We can only live life when we understand life.
  453. ==================================
  454. Life is game. Never fear to play the game.
  455. ==================================

  456. You live your life never once thinking that when you walk away from a friend or loved one, you might never see him again.
  457. ==================================
  458. The failures and disappoint!ment we sometimes encounter should never stop us from trying again. The lessons are valu!able for what lies ahead.
  459. ==================================

  460. Love God for who He! is, not because He answers your prayers.
  461. ==================================

  462. Life itself is sacred.
  463. ==================================

  464. You have got what it takes to live your dreams.
  465. ==================================

  466. Work passionately.
  467. ==================================

  468. It just takes one ser!ious thought to change a person, either to one he always wanted to be or into one he never wished to be.

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