Text Message Flirting Awesome2017

  1. Roses R red
  2. Sky is blue
  3. The whole world knows,
  4. I love U!!
  6. The man who discovered alphabets was a genius bt he made 1 small mistake; he put ‘I ‘nd ‘U’ so far apart.

  7. Whn the God found me l1ly he created U 2 become mine.

  8. This is a gift. Scroll down 2 know wht U hve own.
  9. L--- -
  10. Lo--- -
  11. Lov- -
  12. Love –
  13. Love U!!
  15. I hve called Ur number 5 times
  16. Bt it was busy
  17. So I hve sent the moon 2 say U Goodnight!!
  19. Dear MadM,
  20. This is in response 2 Ur classified 4 Lovers I M 4warding my resume 4 Ur consideration.

  21. I hve d1 certification course in kissing. Hve d1 a diploma in loving nd hve specialized in sending romantic gifts.

  22. I was also given the special prize 4 being the most romantic lover in my batch. I M hopeful tht I will meet Ur criteria.

  23. Looking 4ward 4 Ur reply.

  24. Urs truly,
  25. (Sender)

  26. Sorry 4 disturbing U bt I think U hve taken away 1 precious thing on mine without telling. My heart!
  28. This is an exciting exchange offer 4 U. In exchange of my heart U can agree 2 become mine 4ever.
  30. I hve 9t saved Ur number in my cell ph1. I hven’t kept Ur pho2 in my album. Boz I keep the special people in my heart nd U R most special 2 me.

  31. 2day whn I woke up I had my mind was filled with U. So, here is my first message 4 U 2 wish U Good morning!
  33. Love is pure
  34. Love is true
  35. U love me nd,
  36. I love U!

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