One Sided Love SMS Awesome2017

  1. I know everything about her,
  2. except she loves me or 9t.
  3. She doesn’t know anything about me,
  4. except the thing tht I love her

  5. Don't fall in love with somebody who doesn't love U back it's 9t cool.

  6. Be4e I Die, I Wish 2 donate My Blood 2 Her,
  7. So Tht Atleast My Blood
  8. Could Enter Her Heart
  9. Where I Couldn't.

  10. Whn Nights r long & Friends r few, I sit by my Window & think of U. A silent whisper a silent tear, with all my Heart I wish U were here.

  11. ⇏t everything tht counts is counted and 9t evrything tht counted count. I didn't count how many times I thought of U, bt wht counts is tht I did.

  12. ⇏I Don’t Know Why I’m so afraid 2 lose U Whn U r 9t even mine. I Don’t Know Why I love U so Whn U don’t even love me. I don’t know why U r the 1 whn I M just a some1 2 U.

  13. 2uchy Lines by a 1 side Lover: 4ce can make everything possible in th world, Bt it can't create.

  14. ⇏If I get Ur smile, I don’t need flowers.
  15. ⇍If I get Ur voice, I don’t need music.
  16. ⇎If U speak 2 me, I don’t listen any body else,
  17. ⇚If U r with me, I don’t need the world.

  18. ⇫Love is 9t winning some1, bt loosing Urself 2 some1. Whn U r loved by some1, it’s 9t due 2 U⇫⇫r excellence of mind bt due 2 purity of Ur heart.

  19. ⇿⇿Words of Lover Boy: My eyes know tht I M 9t perfect match 4 him. Bt my heart has no eyes or ears, So it’s been beating 4 her.

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