Heartbreak Messages Awesome2017

I know tht I must be crying in vain. I know 9thing will change. Bt it is difficult 2 ignore the person I love nd 2 move away.

I M her tear, I fall,
Whn U R 9t thr,
Whn U don’t talk 2 her,
Whn U don’t call.

I feel so sorry tht I cMe so close 2 love U truly. Bt I hve learned the lesson be4e its 2o late. At least I can still surface be4e I M drowned.

I thought she loves,
I thought she cRs,
Bt she cMe 2 say goodbye
Nd passed like summer days.

Only few days ago we walked 2gether hnd in hnd. 2day I M treading the sMe path al1. Bt, Mazingly I M 9t finding it tht hard 2 walk al1.

⧪⧪A perfect man is 1,
Who doesn’t lie,
Who doesn’t hve bad vices,
Who will 9t flirt⧪⧪

⧪⧪No matter how many times Ur read the book of life the ending will nver change.

Love Failure Messages⧫⧫⧫

The summer days R g1 nd so is romance. I know we probably won’t meet again in life bt I can’t still fall 4 some1 else.

Most of the relations end 9t boz thr is no love. Bt the simple fact is tht the girl loves 2o much nd the guy loves 2o many.

Hnd in hnd
We walked on the snd,
Now U R g1
I’m walking al1.

I know U don’t miss me
Tht U don’t cR,
Bt I loved Ur truly,
Loved U with everything dear.

I can’t make my heart realize tht U no longer cR tht it still beats 4 U nd aches tht U R g1.

Of course we will find new people 2 fall in love with bt till thn I M finding it hard 2 get over U.

I may be 2o Ung 2 lose hope on love bt I M also old enough 9t 2 believe in promises.

I look back, I realize
The time tht has g1 by
Nd I don’t hold the
memories anymore in my palm.

⧪⧪⧪U might hve 4gotten me. U must hve started a new life. Bt I M still stnding at the cross road where U hve left m⧬⧬⧬⧬

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