Gujarati Suvichar2017

  1.  जिंदगी केटली सुंदर छे ए जोवा 
  2. माटे बहु दुर जवानी जरूर नथी,
  3. ए तो आपणे जयां-ज्यां आंखो खोली लइ,
  4. त्यां-त्यां जिंदगीनी सुंदरता जोवा मळशे.
  5. ➧To see how beautiful life is? we do not need to go far.
  6. ➧Where we open our eyes there we can see life's beauty.
  7. The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.
  8. ➲It is never of any use to oneself. - Oscar Wilde•←
  9. • • •
  10. ➼Gujarati Suvichar2017 On Advice
  11. Gujarati Suvichar On Advice
  12. →•Some People Like My Advice •←
  13. So Much That They
  14. Frame It Upon The Wall Instead Of Using It...!!• • •
  15. -Gordon R. Dickson

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