Gujarati Romantic Status Life Sms 2017

↪जयारथी तुं तारामां बीझी रहे छे
↪खुदने ए कारणथी मळवुं ईझी रहे छे.

⇙हुं नसीबदार छुं,
⇎जो नसीबनो
⇎अर्थ "तुं" होय..

⇎I am lucky to have you.
⇎If you hide, I’ll seek for you. If you’re lost,
⇎I’ll search for you. If you leave, I’ll wait for you.
⇎If they try to take you away from me,
⇎I’ll fight for you, cause
⇎I never want to lose someone like you.
⇏I am lucky to have you⇎
हुं मानुं छुं के कोई पण व्यक्तिनी नियति
ए तेनी तैयारी अने नसीबनुं मिश्रण छे.
कोई पण व्यक्ति खूब ज नसीबदार होई शके छे,
परंतु ए नसीब तैयारी वगर तदन नकामुं छे.
सफळता नसीब बाबत नथी.
ते निर्णय अने संपूर्ण तैयारी पर आधार राखे छे.

“I firmly believe that destiny is a mixture of preparation and luck. You can be very lucky, but it is useless if you're not prepared. You can be prepared, but it is useless if you're not lucky.”

नसीब ने लीफ्टमां जवानी आदत छे
अने पुरूषार्थने पगथियां चडवा पडे छे.

Luck can't replace effort.
Even if out of sheer luck,you find a treasure in front of you,
Destiny doesn't pick it for you, your effort is expected

तमारी मान्यताओ•←
तमारा विचारो बनी जाय छे.
तमारा विचारो तमारा
शब्दो बनी जाय छे.
तमारा शब्दो
तमारा कार्यो बनी जाय छे.
तमारा कार्यो तमारी
आदतो बनी जाय छे.
तमारी आदतो तमारी
किंमतो बनी जाय छे
अने तमारी
तमारुं नसीब बनी जाय छे....!!• • •

#Your beliefs become your thoughts#
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

#Khush Naseeb Woh Nahi Jis ka Naseeb Acha Hai#

#Balkay Khush Naseeb Woh##

##If you are not the Hero of##
Your own story,
Then you're missing the
Whole point of your humanity###

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