Gujarati New Quotes 2017

एवुं तो शुं
खानगी हशे??
जन्मेल  बाळक
पण मूठीवाळेली
राखतुं हशे

मंजील दूर अने सफर घणीबधी छे•←
नानकडी आ जिंदगीमां फिकर घणीबधी छे.
आ दुनिया तो क्यारनी मारी नाखत,
पण "पिता" ना प्रेमनी असर घणीबधी छे...!!• • •
To Daddy With Love heart emoticon
Some things will always be in style
Good solid things like honesty, and trust
and caring about people.
It's qualities like these that keep us aware of who we are
And what we can give to life.
It's qualities like these, Daddy, that you have taught me to value,
Through your influence, your example, and your love.
It has made me love you very much,
And has made me very proud to have you for My Daddy.

हालरडुं एटले शुं?•←
रडता बाळक ने
हिंचको नाखता
माता कहे तुं
छानो रही जा,
तारा बदले
हाल हुं रडुं!
The lullaby is the spell whereby the mother attempts to
transform herself back from an ogre to a saint..

➤फुलो क्यारेय बीजी➤➤➤
वार नथी खीलता.
जन्मो क्यारेय बीजी
वार नथी मळता.
मळवा खातर तो
हजारो लोको मळे छे,
पण हजार भूलो
माफ करवा वाळा
मां-बाप क्यारेय
बीजी वार नथी मळता...!!

⥀Parents are the ultimate role models for children.
⥁Every word, movement and action has an effect.
⥀No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.

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