Gujarati Kiss Day Quote Sms2017

  1. #A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop Speech when words become superfluous.
  2. The decision to kiss for the first time is the# 
  3. Most crucial in any love story, 
  4. It changes the Relationship of 
  5. Two people much more strongly than Even the final surrender; because this kiss already has
  6. Within it that surrender,
  7. Happiness is like a kiss...#You must share it to enjoy it#

  8. #सोच रहा था में अभी की•←

  9. #खुशियाँ बहुत है हमारे दायरे मे...
  10. पर कई बार मुकम्मल हमें किसके 
  11. ख्याल या फिर क्सिके साथ से ही होती हैं,
  12. Happiness is like a kiss,
  13. You must share it to enjoy i#

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