Emotional Love Messages Awesome2017

  1. ⇄We never like what we get, never get what we like, we never like what we wish but we still love, we still live and that’s the beauty of life⇐
  3. Rise above what God has given you. When he has given you eyes, see everything beautiful. When he has given you the voice say something nice. When he has given you the heart, think good for others. 
  5. ↪Life is a road and you are traveler. Memories are like precious gems. Collect them as you complete the journey of life.
  7. ↸If you call a girl beautiful she will remember you for 5 minutes. But if you want to make sure that she remembers you always, call her ugly.
  9. ⇄I always knew that the God is yet to give me the greatest gift. I knew that he has given me the one when you became the part of my life.
  10. Don’t lose hope as it is the fuel that keeps the lamp of life burning.
  12. ⇎If the God is giving you the hard time that is not to ruin you but he wants to ensure that you succeed at the end with flying colors.
  14. Tears is said to be the only liquid word that exist as it is made of 1% aqua and 99% feelings.
  16. Life is like a book. Don’t stop reading it until you reach the last page.
  18. Don’t spend time in dreaming. Work hard to make them come true.

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