Dating Messages Awesome2017

  1. Hello, I M (nMe) nd I was attracted 2 U since the first day I saw U in school. I’d like 2 hve the opportunity 2 know U better.
  2. Would U be interested in going out with U? Waiting 4 Ur reply.

  3. Hello, hope U remember me from last evening’s ball. I hve been thinking of U since thn. Would U honor me by going out on a dinner with me this weekend? Please let me know. (NMe)

  4. Hello Lily, I can accuse U of stealing my heart. If U don’t want the police 2 turn up at Ur doorstep thn meet me in front of the ice-creM parlor down the street. Paul

  5. ⇉Hi! This is 2 warn U tht a warrant has been issued against U 4 stealing my heart. This is 9t the time 2 hide bt 2 come in clear nd accept Ur crime. U hve the chance till 2day evening 2 decide whether U want 2 go 2 jail or want 2 become mine 4ever.

  6. ⇛If U R reading this message, thn U cR 4 me.
  7. If U ignore thn U miss me.
  8. If U save thn U desire me.
  9. If U reply thn U wish me,
  10. If U delete thn U love me.
  11. Now, the decision is Urs.

  12. ⇬I only send messages 2 1 who’s close, loving or caring. I M texting U boz U R all.

  13. ⇾It is 9t a special day. Thr is no occasion 2 text U. Bt I M messaging U boz I Remember U Always!

  14. Even if thr is no call or message from U. I will always remember U nd love U.

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