Cute Love Messages Awesome2017

  1. Life ends whn U s2p dreMing, hope ends whn U s2p believing nd love ends whn U s2p caring. So dreM hope nd love...Makes Life Beautiful.

  2. Who said loving U will ever be easy? I just love U bcoz my heart tells me 2 do so, if it was 9t 4 my heart I was going 2 love U more & more

  3. The person who loves U more will fight with U daily without any reason. Bt whnver U’re sad tht person will fight with the world 2 end Ur sadness⇈

  4. ↠I want 2 go somewhere, Where ther is 9thing beside our love…. I M in search of tht place, Where the love has won over the hatred…. I try 2 find tht heaven, Where love is said 2 be God….. I wish 2 indulge in U 4ever nd pray everyday so tht we 2gether can.

  5. U R like the sunshine so warm, U R like sugar, so sweet… U R like U… nd tht’s the reason why I love U!

  6. ⇍A special smile a special face.a special some1 i cant replace. i love U i always will. U hve ⇍filled a space no 1 can fill!

  7. ⇎I dont hve the measels, i M 9t confined 2 bed, asperin wont help coz it aint my head, i don't hve back ache or the flu, its more serious…i M missing U.
  8. I feel something in my heart, it’s like a little flMe, every time I see U, this flMe lights up, this flMe is special 4 U, boz I LOVE U!

  9. ⇪Loving U has been the best thing 2 ever happen 2 me!

  10. ⇴If I got a penny every time I thought of U I’d be a millionaire by 2morrow.

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