Betrayal SMS Awesome2017

  1. Betrayal is worse thn death. The death delivers wht it promises. Bt betrayal is cruel slaughter of hope.
  2. 9ting comes free,
  3. If U hve betrayed me,
  4. The time will turn,
  5. Whn U’ll be betrayed by some1. 
  6. If some1 has betrayed U 4 the first time it’s their fault bt if U let it happen again thn the fault is Urs. 
  7. My heart aches at Ur thoughts,
  8. Bt I hve 2ld it 9t 2 beat 4 U,
  9. My tears fall 4 U,
  10. Bt I hve 2ld thm↭
  11. 9t 2 come 2 my eyes anymore.
  12. ↹All I wanted from U was love. I guess it was 2o much 2 ask from a person who has no heart.
  13. ↹I craved 4 U,
  14. Nd I cried,
  15. I loved U,
  16. Bt U lied.
  17. I can’t say I M unhappy tht U hve left me. Rather, I think tht the God has finally given me a fair chance.
  18. Whn betrayal is unexpected it doesn’t hurt bt it hurts whn it comes expected.
  19. Being betrayed is the worst feeling in the world. It can make U feel like a loser even whn U R at the 2p of the world.
  20. Whn U left me I felt so bad nd used. Bt now I hve learned 2 ignore the feeling of abundance. I hve learned 2 ignore U. 

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