best romantic boyfriend and girlfriend 2017

  1. 🔺I wonder if you smile at my texts, like i smile at yours🔺

  2. 🔺You give me so many reasons to smile.

  3. I pray to our lord everyday that our love will last forever.

  4. Text me, i miss you.

  5. I just want you to know that when I picture myself happy, its with you.

  6. I have loved you since I met you.

  7. Forever is a long time, but I would spend it with you.

  8. Thinking about you is so addicting.

  9. I instantly smile when your name shows up on my phone.

  10. If I had one last breath I would tell you I love you.

  11. I am so blessed to have someone like you in my life.

  • Can I take your picture? I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas. 

    1. ♥You must be tired because you've been running through my dreams all night. 

    2. ♥Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? 

    3. ♥If you stood in front of a mirror and held up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world. 

    4. ♥Can I borrow a quarter? I told my Mom I'd when I met the girl of my dreams. 

    5. ♥Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes. 

    6. ♥If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together. 

    7. ♥I lost my teddy bear. Can I cuddle with you instead? 

    8. ♥You see my friend over there? [Point to friend who waves from afar] He wants to know if YOU think I'M cute. 

    9. ♥Gently rub the girl's back and say, "I thought angels had wings." 
    10. If I had a flower 4 evry time I thought of u and will think of u…I wud be walking in a garden…4ever.

    11. ♥If beauty were time, u wud be 4ever.

    12. ♥u r the light I see glowing brightly at the end of the tunnel.

    13. ♥ur eyes r dark like a castle moat at night. Lower ur drawbridge, my queen, and let me cross.

    14. ♥u r physically perfect. The only flaw is…ur lips…they're 9t touching mine.

    15. ♥(While holding a flower) Hi. I was just showing this rose wht beautiful looks like.

    16. ♥How r u feeling? (She says fine) I said, how r u feeling? I didn't ask how u looked. (Wink)

    17. ♥I get uneasy meeting new people. So I m 4cing myself to approach the prettiest girl in the room and introduce myself.

    18. ♥If I didn't come up here and make u laugh…I wud kick myself 4 days on end.

    19. ♥I m baking a cake bt it tastes a little bitter. Why don't u stick ur finger in it 4 extra sweetness?

    20. ♥Some say tht beauty is in a drop of water. Well, in tht case u're the ocean!

    21. ♥I can't buy u a drink or else I wud be jealous of the glass, kissin ur lips and all.

    22. ♥I imagine kissin u wud be like drinking ocean water. I can drink all I want bt my thirst wud only increase.

    23. ♥I always thought it was just a fairy tale. bt now I realize u really r made from sugar, spice and evrything nice.

    24. ♥So ur dad…was he a king or something? (Why?) Well, he must hve been a king to make a princess like u.

    25. ♥I knw I don't hve a chance with u…bt I've always wanted to hear an angel speak.

    26. ♥I believe thr is something in ur eye. Er, no wait…it was just a sparkle.

    27. ♥Life without u? Well, I imagine tht wud be like a broken pencil. (Why?) It wud be pointless.

    28. ♥Hey, u look like my first wife. (Oh? How many hve u had?) None actually. bt I m an optimist.

    29. ♥Do u hear tht? tht rhythmic pounding noise? Oh it's just my heart beating.

    30. ♥Wow! u r talking to me? I think my drems hve finally come true!

    31. ♥I don't really knw if u're beautiful or 9t. I'm still enmored by ur eyes.

    32. ♥I hve a bad habit of saying whtever it is I'm thinking. u r just drop dead gorgeous tonight!

    33. ♥4 u I can be a knight in shining armor.

    34. 🔺u knw…our teenage kids wud be smoking hot.

    35. 🔺I m a man of few words. u r beautiful. wud u like to go out?

    36. 🔺I think I love u…in tht dress. Haha, caught myself.

    37. 🔺u r deserving of masterful poetry, 9t mere words.

    38. 🔺I want to spend the rest of my life entertaining u.

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