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  1. Bombs and pistols do not make a revolution. The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whet!ting-stone of ideas”

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  3. “If the deaf !are to hear, the sound has to be very loud. When we dropped the bomb, it was not our intention to kill anybody. We have bombed the British Government. The British must quit India and make her free.” – As quoted in Awakening Indians to India (2008), p. 82

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  5. “I emphasize that I am full of ambition and hope and of full charm of life. But I can renounce all at the time o!!f need, and that is the real sacrifice. These things can never be hinderance in the way of man, provided he be a man. You will have the practical proof in the near future.”

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  7. “Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith. Item by item he has to reason out every nook and corner of the prevailing faith. If after considerabl!e reasoning one is led to believe in any theory or philosophy, his faith is welcomed. His reasoning can be mistaken, wrong, misled and sometimes fallacious. But he is liable to correction because reason is the guiding star of his life. But mere faith and blind faith is dangerous: it dulls the brain, and makes a man reactionary.”
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  9. “One should not interpret the word ‘Revolution’ in its literal sense. Various meanings and significances are attr!ibuted to this word, according to the interests of those who use or misuse it. For the established agencies of exploitation it conjures up a feeling of blood stained horror. To the revolutionaries it is a sacred phrase.”
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  11. “Every tiny molecule o!f Ash is in motion with my heat I am such a Lunatic that I am free even in Jail.” 
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  13. We are here to feel !the joy of life, to love, and to expand the happiness.”
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  15. Fear comes from the lac!k of knowledge and a state of ignorance. The best remedy for fear is to gain knowledge.
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  17. The best defense is t!o change and adapt without losing values and morals.
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  19. Wisdom is the adobe of a gr!eat mind.
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  21. To find your self, g!et lost is the search of knowledge and wisdom.
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  23. Knowledge is a wea!lth that cannot be stolen; it will grow when you try to give it away.
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  25. True freedom is a mental cond!ition that no one can take or give to you.”
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  27. True liberty comes from education, knowledge, and wisdom.
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  29. Never forget to express you!r gratitude for the abundance and beauty of your life.
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  31. Your intelligence is defin!ed by your intuitive question not by your definitive answers.
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  33. God is a symbol of imagi!native power; he has as much power and love as you can imagine.
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  35. If life is a joyful serious jo!urney, then peace should be the train and happiness should be the destination.
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  37. Time is standing still; space is changing.

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  39. With religion we divide people. W!ith unconditional love we bring them under the same umbrella.
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  41. Education is the best wealth !that you can acquire in life. No one can steal it when you are alive.
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  43. True education will shape your lif!e, but if you ignore education you will be punished by your life.
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  45. True education makes you! humble and gives you power.
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  47. We find and understand the bea!uty of life through education.
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  49. The ideal concept of religion doesn’t frighten me, but when the actions of manipulation and hatred get swallowed up into its! practices, then it evolves into true horror.
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  51. If life is a song, you !must be the superb lyrics to a sweet melody.
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  53. The true lover lov!es the whole world, in his or her love for a specific person.
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  55. Three essential virtu!es are patient, loyalty and kindness.
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  57. If you live long enough, you see the same eyes in different people.
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  59. Create new avenues in your life by removing toxic people who defeat your purpose.
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  61. Action is the ink that w!rites what you think on the pages of life.
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  63. The greatest unity comes fro!m the greatest differences which are brought together in relationship.
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  65. The limits of your lang!uage are the limits of your world.
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  67. Man is mortal; we are!dust and to dust we shall return.
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  69. To see the first sun rise in !New Year is the most sacredness of existence.
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  71. The reality is that every time we manipulate nature’s rhythms, we create unintended consequences that then req!uire us to make still further changes.
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  73. In the light, our hearts !only knows love.
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  75. God is a living Spirit. The S!pirit is life. Life is divine.
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  77. Love is the only language of dan!e; eternal and beyond worlds.
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  79. Life is a rich literature. We are only writing the history of our time.
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  81. Art comes to life when emotions danc! with thoughts on realities stage.
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  83. Lost every purpose to visit land o!f dreams, since colors of dance filled the canvas of my reality.
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  85. Dance to the tune of hope, a!s worries of past slip away to the surrender of smiles.
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  87. Destiny is that grand orche!stra on whose melodies dance steps of our life.
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  89. Imagination dances to fairy tal!es… when ice is scarred by passion of skates.
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  91. Emotions like a river flow into t!he ocean of dance… embraced with the oneness of joy.
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  93. Behind every purpose, there’s a reason, behind every reason, there’s a story, behind every story, there’s a dance… ready to set in motion.
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  95. Sometimes in life confusion tends! to arise and only dialogue of dance seems to make sense.
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  97. Emotions stem from attitudes, theref!ore you should change your attitude in the first place. Feelings and emotions are nothing but consequences. They are caused by one single thing, importance.
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  99. Time is never !ticking for its moments dye in a colorful dance and move forward.
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  101. Dance we shall to the !song of our hearts as moods sway to dreamy winds under the crescent moon shade.
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  103. Education is a jour!ney of the mind to kindle the fire of imagination.
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  105. Philosophy’s greatest task is to en!large our sense of possibility.
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  107. All religions are good except w!hen they try to resist nature.
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  109. Attract everyone! Smile like a flower.
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  111. All beliefs and understandi!ng about everything in this universe that you currently hold to be true, are false.
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  113. It is only God who gives stre!ngth and wisdom for fulfill the God-given dream.
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  115. Burdened no more is soul fo!r whom life flows through dance and not breath.
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  117. Life is better when happiness! is your only purpose.
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  119. Life is magical when you are! drunk with love.
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  121. If you have a definite purp!ose with a plan, you will definitely reach it.
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  123. Enjoy every b!eauty; love everyone.
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  125. Give life a !chance.
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  127. Fill life wi!th joy.
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  129. Trust your inst!incts.
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  131. Enjoy the vacation without g!oing; enjoy the conversation without talking.
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  133. To be strong, love. To! win trust, believe.
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  135. Your success does not depend on w!!ho you are but what you are and the strength of your expectations.
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  137. The beauty of friendship is loyalty.
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  139. Your journey will end in a!n unknown planet. Fully enjoy your journey.
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  141. Curiosity is the beginning !of knowledge, but understanding is the beginning of wisdom.
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  143. Every day of our life has risk. So! never fear to take one.
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  145. The most important wisdom of life !is to have the eagerness to gain wisdom.
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  147. If you want to win, be b!old but patient.
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  149. If you look for beauty, yo!u will find it.
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  151. A small positive thought can brin!g a magical change to the world.
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  153. To be free, get an educ!ation. To be happy, spread compassion.
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  155. If someone’s beliefs are fixed and! false, he or she can do anything to justify their beliefs.
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  157. May your life be a fountain of l!ove and kindness to fill the world with joy.
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  159. When you have the right in!tention, the right opportunity will open the door.
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  161. When you sing with lov!e, everyone will listen.
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  163. If someone criticizes you, give them a compliment.
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  165. Never defend yourself, !ut define yourself with your imagination and actions.
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  167. If you fear doing somethi!ng, don’t discourage others who are doing it.
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  169. Never lose the power! to love.
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  171. Wisdom is the highest stren!gth; simplicity has intrinsic power.
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  173. Our abilities to understand,! adjust, and change make us wise.
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  175. Wise people are always loving and humble.
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  177. A wise person does not fear failure but gains experience and wisdom.
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  179. True wisdom is found in simp!licity and in humility.
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  181. Education is not a destinat!ion, but it is a curious journey to enjoy the beauty of life.
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  183. Knowledge is beautiful; science is amazing.
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  185. Common sense is ver!y uncom!mon. It is also shaped by your education.
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  187. Religion deals with beliefs a!nd faith, but science deals with truth and facts.
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  189. Endure pain to turn it! into your power.
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  191. Thinking harder is more important than working harder.
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  193. Pain in your past will become power in your future. So make suffering essential.
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  195. Your intentions have more i!mpact than your actions.
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  197. The beauty of a thought is tr!ue science fiction.Nature is a better scientist than any human can ever be.
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  199. Never underestimate th!e power of a simple thought.
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  201. The purpose of education is to create! a purpose for life. Go for it with the utmost sincerity.
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  203. Knowing is important, but und!ersta!nding is essential for wisdom.
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  205. Getting an early educati!on and then continuing it throughout life is a brilliant way to achieve success and live a purposeful life.
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  207. An intelligent person has know!ledge, but a wise person has experience with humility.
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  209. An intelligent person is eager! to speak, but a wise person is eager to listen.
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  211. When you are searching for k!no!wledge, knowledge is also searching for you.
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  213. Thinking new things is !the best way to exercise the mind.
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  215. Nothing will remain ex!ept space and time.
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  217. Education unlocks the great!est potential of the human mind.
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  219. An attitude of gratitude is one of the greatest attitudes of life.
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  221. We are still living in the deep darkness of conformity.
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  223. The ultimate goal of education is to gain wisdom from experiences.
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  225. Education unfolds your beauty and! lets you bloom to express your beauty.
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  227. True education gives you po!wer. Education and experience make you wise.
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  229. Education is the ultim!ate power of life. A better education gives you better power.
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  231. Success leads to gr!eater success.
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  233. A flower cannot be mo!re beautiful than your thoughts.
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  235. A friend can give you the f!reedom to think differently.

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  237. Wisdom is in uniconsciousness.
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  239. A smile is an antidote for stress.
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  241. Philosophy has no value in a true !sense, but it adds and defines value to our lives.
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  243. Your life is your canvas. You are !responsible for the beauty of your art.
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  245. Life is the most fascinating jo!urney that you will never ever be able to take again.
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  247. Men are good when they !get lost in the beauty of love.
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  249. To be happy, be y!ourself.
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  251. Faith is trusting yourself to believe in uncertainties.
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  253. Education gives you lights to see, wings to fly, and music to sing.
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  255. The quality of life depends on the power of love.
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  257. Life is nothing but an empty space filled with memories from beginning to end.
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  259. We make our lives complicated to prove that we are very intelligent.
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  261. Kindness defines my morality.
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  263. Curiosity, boldness, and p!ersistence help you to be a success.
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  265. The beauty of truth is in! its simplicity.
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  267. Live in love to live in abu!ndance.
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  269. Opinions are many, but there !is only one truth. Don’t get lost in opinions.
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  271. What you think again and a!gain becomes your truth. Think right.
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  273. Realize that you are deeply li!mitless. Your potential is unlimited.
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  275. Be courageous! Never fear to take a chance.Your world is nothing but a reflection of your mind.
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  277. Everything is talking to you. If you have a listening heart, you will be able to hear it.
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  279. Life gives you what you are deeply longing for.
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  281. Heaven is not in the sky, but it is in your blissful mind.
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  283. Be kind! Give small things with great love.
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  285. Give! If you have nothing to give, !don’t forget to give your love.
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  287. The best experience that you can !get is not from success but from failure.
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  289. The greatest joy in life comes not from winning but from giving.
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  291. Integrity is the essence of a be!autiful, ethical life.
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  293. The universe belongs to you, an!d you belong to your conscience.
  294. **********************************

  295. With your life, you are writ!ing the history of the universe.
  296. **********************************
  297. Dreams create desired t!hings.
  298. **********************************
  299. Truth does not cease to exist because no one believes it.
  300. **********************************

  301. The greatest thing a human being can do! is to be compassionate to humanity.
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  303. The prime purpose of education is! to enhance the ability to think better.
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  305. You have the power to change! not only you but also the world.
  306. **********************************

  307. Failure comes from fear. Success comes from boldness and persistence.”
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  309. You think that you hav!e everything, but truly you have nothing but your wisdom, love, and kindness.
  310. **********************************
  311. Life is an illusion. Do!n’t forget to enjoy the magnificence of magic.
  312. **********************************

  313. We can’t undo an acti!on, but we can redo or change our perception.

  314. **********************************
  315. In life there is no road to go back; we can only go forward.
  316. **********************************

  317. Be the light in someone’s life.
  318. **********************************

  319. Results are always hidd!en in thoughts and actions.
  320. **********************************

  321. Life is a one way journ!y. Don’t forget to enjoy the amazing beauty.
  322. **********************************

  323. A good friend is someone w!ho can love you like a dog and talk to you like a human.
  324. **********************************

  325. Thoughts are things that! we can’t see or feel yet.
  326. **********************************
  327. Hope with deep driving desires !is an order of the most delicious delicacy in a restaurant we call the universe.
  328. **********************************

  329. What you believe with your heart will manifest in your life.
  330. **********************************

  331. Longing for love is pure nectar–p!rettier than a blooming fresh flower.
  332. **********************************
  333. The pain of separation is sweeter than love itself.
  334. **********************************

  335. We think when there is a stimul!ation to create thoughts in our minds.
  336. **********************************

  337. For eternity, time is standi!ng still. In the expanding space, we are moving.
  338. **********************************

  339. We are all the same. Only our th!oughts are slightly different.
  340. **********************************

  341. Visualization is a process when w!e try to see the imaginative creation as a real future manifestation.
  342. **********************************

  343. When you love, the whole u!niverse loves you back.
  344. **********************************

  345. Thoughts are a product manufactured by the relentless effort of the machine we call a mind.
  346. **********************************

  347. When someone is delusional, he or she can do anything to justify his or her beliefs.
  348. **********************************
  349. Live today with joy. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come.
  350. **********************************

  351. Go beyond the boundary of conformity to find the true joy of life.
  352. **********************************

  353. Education helps us to grow wings of ima!gination that allow us to feel free and fly.

  354. **********************************

  355. Education has enhanced my wis!dom. Simplicity and humility will not allow me to call myself wise.
  356. **********************************

  357. A lack of love for humanity is our biggest enemy.
  358. **********************************

  359. My mind is often clouded like! the sky, but every now and then the sky clears, and sum shines down.
  360. **********************************

  361. He who listens do!es not hear, he who hears does not listen. So everyone stop talking!
  362. **********************************

  363. A willing spirit, di!ligently perform the sacred duty.
  364. **********************************

  365. Whether we are ha!ppy or unhappy, our body impels us to strive for immortality.
  366. **********************************

  367. The point is not how m!uch better you are than other people, the point is how many better people you make…
  368. **********************************
  369. Anything that doesn’!t take years of your life and drive you to suicide hardly seems worth doing.
  370. **********************************

  371. If God wanted a world !filled with saints, He never would have created adolescence.
  372. **********************************
  373. Every intelligent being, w!hether it breathes or not, coughs nervously at some time in its life.
  374. **********************************

  375. If God had wanted us to b!e concerned for the plight of the toads, he would have made them cute and furry.
  376. **********************************

  377. No one can be right all the ti!me, but it helps to be right most of the time.
  378. **********************************

  379. A boy who once wiped his a!ss with poison ivy probably doesn’t belong in a smart people’s club.
  380. **********************************

  381. Real life is sometimes boring, rar!ely conclusive and boy, does the dialogue need work.
  382. **********************************

  383. Laughter is good for you. N!ine out of ten stand-up comedians recommend laughter in the face of intense stupidity.
  384. **********************************

  385. The person, be it !gentle!man or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.
  386. **********************************

  387. You only live once, but if !you do it right, once is enough.
  388. **********************************
  389. So many books, so !little time.
  390. **********************************

  391. A life live with G!od in the center of our being, overflows with joy.
  392. **********************************

  393. It feels great to be! alive.Destiny always have a choice.
  394. **********************************

  395. A life without boo!ks is like body without a soul.
  396. **********************************

  397. Today is precio!us gift. Live life. Love life.
  398. **********************************

  399. Life is a dream.
  400. **********************************

  401. Not everything worth le!arning is summarized in book. Sometimes you’ve got to rely on instincts.
  402. **********************************
  403. Here is a lesson to !brand in fire across any young historian’s mind: If you try to do too much, you will not do anything.
  404. **********************************

  405. Where ignorance p!revails, there an opportunity exists but the possessor of ignorance shall always be ignorant of opportunities.
  406. **********************************

  407. People hate the truth. Luckily, the truth doesn’t care.
  408. **********************************

  409. There is no cure for madness except the madness as the cure.
  410. **********************************

  411. It is problem that some people let down us and there are one solution for this problem do not wait anything from anyone.
  412. **********************************

  413. Life is great. Life is amazing. Observe the beauty in everything you do.
  414. **********************************

  415. Life is a psychologi!cal game when you understand the secret, it would be easy to live a lifetime
  416. **********************************

  417. Whatsoever we thr!ow into the ocean of life is what it will vomit for us on the shores of our lives.
  418. **********************************

  419. Blessed are yo!u when you commit your life to the Lord. Your life will overflow with great joy and abundant life.
  420. **********************************

  421. Possibility o!f enjoying life makes death feel terrible.
  422. **********************************

  423. You only walk thi!s path once. Make sure you take time to stop and enjoy the nice things. You can’t smell last years roses.
  424. **********************************

  425. Life as we know it is our perception of reality.
  426. **********************************

  427. You can actually accomplish all that you desire in life.
  428. **********************************

  429. Life had become some kind of profo!nd competition, where my emotional loss was substituted by my professional success. I became a part of what they call the rat race.
  430. **********************************
  431. Life is full of uncertainties. Ye !must grasp the moment.

  432. **********************************

  433. Your success in lif!e depends on you more than any other external factors.
  434. **********************************
  435. Passionately pursue your goals.
  436. **********************************

  437. Your life could only be lived by you.
  438. **********************************

  439. Everything that h!appens in life has a purpose. Make the most of every situation.
  440. **********************************

  441. The mind, at times, ta!kes masochistic delight in suffering.
  442. **********************************

  443. A great measure of the real value of the things we have is how we feel when such things become scarce and absent in our lives.
  444. **********************************

  445. To make wealth wisdom, one n!eeds to be wise. Wisdom may be able to wear the suit of wealth but wealth may not be able to wear the suit of wisdom.
  446. **********************************

  447. You don’t have to wait! for things to happen to live your life.
  448. **********************************

  449. Whenever you’re tellin!g the truth people won’t buy it, there’re expecting the opposite.
  450. **********************************

  451. Every single day !you’re trying hard to do what you think is right …..But many out there are fighting you badly to prove it wrong.
  452. **********************************

  453. life is like a teabag; you end up dead, replaced and forgotten.
  454. **********************************

  455. Capture yester!day’s moments,they are future memories.
  456. **********************************

  457. If you try, you’v!e got a chance at succeeding. Failure isn’t guaranteed. If you don’t even try at all, you’ve already failed.
  458. **********************************
  459. Knowing people you understand you do not know people at all.
  460. **********************************

  461. Life is amazing gift from God to mankind.
  462. **********************************

  463. Life on earth is a transi!tion. Death is final rest of every man. What legacy do you wish to live?
  464. **********************************

  465. There is nothing bette!r in life than commitment to personal development and lifelong learning.
  466. **********************************

  467. You get what you expe!ct in life. Expect great things in life. Live your best life.
  468. **********************************

  469. Define your purpose in life. D!efine your wishes. Define your future.
  470. **********************************

  471. Count your blessings. There! are many beautiful things in life to appreciate. The gift of life is a priceless.

  472. **********************************

  473. In the history of mankind, no single person yet has learned to swim by having the strokes explained. At some point, they dive in.
  474. **********************************

  475. Live the life the way comes to you, become best it.
  476. **********************************

  477. Prayerful life, blessed life.
  478. **********************************
  479. The Bible is instruction for life.
  480. **********************************

  481. We like to think of ourselves as kin!gs,but in reality, we are nothing more than pawns.
  482. **********************************

  483. Life is filled with choices to be! made at different junctions on our way to greatness.
  484. **********************************
  485. Laugh when you have a chance and! cherish it fully cause you will never know when you are gonna get the next one.
  486. **********************************

  487. Advises are useless cause! the best way for a person to learn its to let them experience it themselves.
  488. **********************************

  489. The breath of life is! unlimited grace.
  490. **********************************
  491. The treasure of life, learning.
  492. **********************************
  493. Dare to courageous in life. You have nothing to lose.
  494. **********************************
  495. Life is fragile. Be cautious in life.
  496. **********************************

  497. Appreciate the daily !miracles of life.
  498. **********************************

  499. There is always a double !meaning in life..
  500. **********************************

  501. In life, we are all pla!ying the game of thrones one way or the other.
  502. **********************************

  503. Live in the present. Tomorro!w is a puzzle you can only solve with the answers you find today.
  504. **********************************

  505. You must not only exist !in the world, live life.
  506. **********************************

  507. If the issues of life push at !you push back with such force that they fall off the universe.
  508. **********************************

  509. Life is a book. There are many pages to be written.
  510. **********************************

  511. Love the wife of your youth. Never abandon her.
  512. **********************************

  513. My journey in life, my footprints in the world.
  514. **********************************

  515. Live life with enthusiasm.
  516. **********************************
  517. Guard the mind and pro!tect the! soul, expose the mind and the soul will be soiled with the trashes from people’s bins.
  518. **********************************

  519. Nothing lasts forever. Th!ings change little by little. Before you know it, they’ve become something entirely different.
  520. **********************************

  521. Keep dreaming, dreams have no limit.
  522. **********************************

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