Affection SMS Messages Awesome2017

  • ↻I hve heard tht life is the s2ry of which God is the author. I M thnkful 2 him for writing it so wonderfully nd bringing U 2 my life. Hope U’ll stay with me till he writes the last page.

  • ↹If life is a journey nd memories R the stations we hve crossed thn I want U 2 know, Granny, the time tht I hve spent with U R the best memories of my life.

  • ↹Come wht may my love nd affection for U will remain unchanged.

  • ⇨The greatest gift tht God has given me is the heart so full of love for U.

  • ↸My sweet, my love,
  • U’re my turtle dove,
  • Come wht may,
  • I’ll love U everyday.

  • ⇫Ever since U were born,
  • I hve come 2 see the world in new light.
  • U R the angle I hve always wished for.
  • Thnk U, for being my darling daughter.

  • ⇴Flowers may wither in a day,
  • Sun may set in the sea,
  • Nver let the gloom 2uch Ur soul,
  • Nver s2p loving thee.

  • ⇾The God created man with the ability 2 take up the challenges. If U lose heart at the face of despair U R actually undermining God’s faith on U.

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