MiCall(Missed call Maker)

By | August 30, 2018

Missed Call is also known as:
1. Drop Call in the US,
2. Beep in Africa,
3. Prank in England and Australia
4. Buzzs, Rings, Jingles in some other countries.

This app 3 contains features:
Giving missed calls one by one to everybody in the group.
Creating groups for giving missed calls.
Deleting groups which are no longer useable for you.

In the first window you get a option to
create a group ,
select a group to give missed calls and
option to delete the already created groups from top action bar.

On selecting creating a group a pop asking the name of the group will open , on entering the name a list of contacts will open to select the contacts needed to be added in the group.

Cell phone charges may apply as it give calls to the selected groups , and person may pick up from phone in that period.

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