If You Have a SBI acc Then Read This News

By | August 21, 2018

If you are a customer of SBI, take the best news for you, free of charge.

With your SBI Debit Card, you can send cash immediately to anyone. Using this free and simple service, you can send to anyone up to Rs. 30,000 per day immediately. For this you just need SBI Debit Card, your PIN and beneficiary’s debit card number.

You can pay SBI Life Premium using any of the SBI ATMs.

You can recharge your mobile prepaid connection with any 43,000+ ATMs of SBI.

You can request SBI’s checkbook with the help of an ATM without having to go bank or complete the transaction slip. The check book will be delivered to your address given in the bank.

You can send donations to your favorite charity with the help of SBI ATM.
You can pay different bills using SBI ATMs.

You can also make a term deposit using SBI ATMs. Just click on the ‘TDR / STDR’ option only.
If you are a SBI customer and you use this bank’s ATM card, then the good news for you. SBI is giving you some facilities that you will not have to spend money from your pocket for use. So let us briefly tell you about the same features that you can take advantage of these services for free.

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