How To Fake Call Your Friend

By | May 2, 2019
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Fake call allows you to trick your friends and your family. Also, get yourself out from troublesome and awkward situations, like boring meetings, meaningless situations and much more. This application is a time saver for you; as it promises to 100% give you a fake call on the number added to safeguard you and your time from useless atmosphere.

You can even prank your loved ones; trouble them out with laughter, irritating them with fake calls and enjoy to your nerves out. Arranging a call rescue or troubling your friends, now made easy with Fake Call Prank App, and that too FREE OF COST. Yes Fake Call Prank App is 100% genuine and free to use.

You can initiate fake incoming calls, SMS, missed fake calls to any and infact your own number. Customize fake SMS according to your wish, and send them multiple times to a selected victim of Fake Call Prank app. With the help of our free application you can prank your friends that you know one of famous celebrities.

Sitting at your own comfortable place, you can enjoy playing prank on your loved ones, friends and family. It can be a help as well, you can help in rescuing your friends, from their uncomfortable situations, boring interviews etc. They will surely remember you for the rest of your life, through this Fake Call Prank App.

Fake Call Prank is user friendly, easy to operate and is built on a safe secure host panel, making it completely virus free. This app is operational to any operating system and takes the genuine call looking look regardless of working on any user interface which varies from phone to phone like Samsung UI, Sony UI, HTC Sense and countless more. Through this supreme Fake call Prank app, you can schedule fake call & sms for a specific time duration, and set repeat number of times for fake call to ring on your or the targeted number. Customize the number and choose it from your own mobile contact list for sending or receiving fake call through this app.

One of the exciting features of this Fake Call Prank app is that your phone doesn’t show your prank’s main character in it. The app auto-changes its name to “call assistant” beyond installation. Nobody gets to figure out the actual role of this call assistant.

Multi fake calls, from numerous contact numbers are also possible with the help of this FAKE CALL PRANK app. One person can get more than one fake call on their number which makes it more interesting to prank someone and leave them without any clue. We have different kind of recorded calls, varying from situation to situation wherein you can go throw the category listed and find the best match for your prank. According to the situation, the fake calls can also be altered and managed.  You can record your own voice too, and throw a brilliant prank on your loved ones.

Records can be kept of the number of fake calls made, SMS sent and the numbers on which this action has been initiated. Logs are regulated for the same purpose. Stand apart the local crowd, and be your own prank master. This application allows you to select a caller from your contact list or you can enter new contact. One can also select time for calling and set up multiple fake calls for different timings.

Fake Call Prank app is segmented to work worldwide. You can fool a person or get yourself out from a situation, through this extra ordinary fake calling app sitting anywhere in the world, that too free of cost. No hidden charges just a smart phone that is compatible with the application format. Change caller id with picture and any number to make the prank better.

Most important is the question, that when we answer these fake calls, what notifications or sounds do we get to hear from the other end? Are these prior to customize? Well, on Fake Call Prank app, you have this amazing feature of customizing the sounds and message coming from the other end on these Fake call prank app. User can even customize the ringtone, voice, vibration pattern of the incoming or receiving fake calls through the app.  Unlike the other apps that have integrated call times, this app offers an option for the call to be at whatever time you choose.

Do not mistake the Fake call prank app to be heavy in size or battery consuming like other applications. Fake call prank promises to be less battery consuming and memory saver providently safe for your precious smart phones.

Try using the app for once, and you will never regret installing the best Fake call prank app throughout the life. Start now!

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